7 Reasons To Use Cedarwood Essential Oil

cedarwood essential oil uses
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cedarwood essential oil for the body

Top Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

There are so many ways to use cedarwood essential oil, and not only is this product very flexible, but it can also benefit your health. Many people like to keep cedarwood on hand for this reason. Historically, the Atlas cedarwood and the Himalayan cedarwood are thought to be the first essential oils distilled in the world.

Both the oil and the wood of cedarwood were found to be beneficial, and for many years, people have used them for incense, makeup, and medicine. Himalayan cedarwood, in particular, has a long history of being used in medicine, and the bark, pine needles, resins, and essential oil were all found to be helpful. Cedarwood has been found to be effective in working with the common cold, coughs, hiccups, rheumatoid arthritis, and even cancer.

cedarwood essential oil for the body

1This Oil Helps With Anxiety

An unexpected benefit of cedarwood oil is that it can be used as a sedative to calm those that might be struggling with anxiety or other issues. It helps ease the mind, soothes the skin, brings down inflammation, and helps reduce stress. Because of its calming properties, cedarwood essential oil can help users get a better night's sleep, so patients that are struggling with insomnia often try it to see how it can help them.

When used in aromatherapy, cedarwood essential oil encourages the body to release serotonin, and that serotonin is then changed by the brain into melatonin. Melatonin helps people sleep better. Therefore, people that are suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety all benefit from using cedarwood as an aromatherapy treatment. Aromatherapy itself has been around for a long time and is an alternative to traditional medicine, as it uses essential oils to help treat many different health issues.

cedarwood essential oil for the body

2It Relieves Congestion And Coughing

If you are congested and struggling with a cough and a cold, cedarwood oil can help you find relief. It gets rid of coughs and also clears out the lungs and the respiratory tract, easing congestion as a whole. It is also efficient on other symptoms of a cough and cold, like red eyes and headaches as well.

If you are having trouble sleeping because your cold or cough (or both) is keeping you awake, a little bit of this oil is all you need. It breaks up the phlegm, allowing you to expel it from your body, and lets your respiratory tract and body get a break from the issues that have been plaguing you. When you fall asleep, you should fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, have no problems with snoring, wake up feeling good, and have no trouble concentrating on your daily tasks.

cedarwood essential oil uses

3It Cuts Back On Joint Inflammation

Most of the studies have been conducted on animals. But the ones done on humans are encouraging as well, as cedarwood essential oil appears to help with the inflammation associated with arthritis. Some people who have arthritis have inflammation in their tissues and joints that cause them to experience pain, and cedarwood essential oil, when breathed in or applied to the skin, can help. Mainly for the elderly, arthritis can be a grinding problem.

Arthritis affects a significant number of people throughout the world. The cartilage, muscles, and joints are all impacted, becoming inflamed over time; as a result, the sufferer feels uncomfortable at best and is in severe pain at worst. A medical professional can easily diagnose arthritis because its symptoms are usually obvious and include things like joint stiffness and limited mobility. There are other symptoms as well, like issues with digestion, constipation, poor physical activity, and overeating. The disorder itself is relatively complicated, and the sufferer may note a wide variety of different symptoms.

benefits of cedarwood essential oil

4It Clears Up Breakouts

Cedarwood essential oil acts as a barrier, keeping foreign invaders from getting into the skin pores, which means that an individual is less likely to experience a breakout or an infection. Cedarwood oil can also help turn back the hands of time, tightening the skin on the face. If you are experiencing acne, just put a drop of cedarwood oil in your daily face wash and rub it in.

You can also do this as a preventative measure to try and keep acne at bay. A face scrub is also an option, and you can easily make one by mixing together coconut oil, Epsom salt, and cedarwood essential oil. Once the texture is a little oily and a little rough, you can use it as an exfoliant to vanquish blemishes.

how to use cedarwood essential oil

5It Helps With Seborrhoea

Seborrhoeic eczema occurs when the sebaceous glands aren't functioning correctly, and it is a disease that comes with some absolutely terrible symptoms. Because the sebaceous glands aren't doing their job, there is excess sebum in the body, and the epidermal cells become infected. The end result is that the skin begins peeling away, and it is particularly bad near the inner ear, eyebrows, and scalp. Cedarwood oil helps soothe this condition, and it can help keep the skin from peeling quite so much by keeping sebum production in check.

Skin cells are very resilient, but they are also affected by things that occur externally and internally. The weather can bother them, as can a change in temperature, a change in moisture, free radicals, physical damage, and much more. If you want to keep your skin safe, you need to use a variety of tools to ensure success. For example, some things that can help are fatty acids, zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins A, E, and C.

cedarwood essential oil uses

6Has The Properties Of An Astringent

Cedarwood oil can help with your oral health, giving your gums added strength and helping to ease the pain of toothaches. It also helps to firm up muscles, making you look and feel younger. Cedarwood oil can help with diarrhea. It is also great to use on the skin, as it helps keep bacteria and toxins from affecting the largest organ in your body. Because cedarwood oil is an astringent, it turns the skin's proteins into a solid, so they can help to protect a given area.

There are so many reasons why diarrhea occurs, as it can be a result of food poisoning, gastroenteritis, premenstrual syndrome, and lactose intolerance. A viral infection is another likely culprit, as are bacteria that enter the body through water or food that has been contaminated. When there is a lot of fluid in the intestines, that can also bring on diarrhea because all of the excess liquid has an impact on bowel movements.

how to use cedarwood essential oil

7It Battles Against Toxins

When you use cedarwood oil, you can help prevent sepsis on wounds and also keep tetanus at bay. This oil is a safe antiseptic, and you can even find it in some herbal antiseptic creams. Because cedarwood essential oil is able to battle toxins, it gives the immune system and white blood cells a bit of a break so they can focus on helping the body in other ways.

Stress is not the same for everyone, and it does not present the same way. Typically, though, it has a biological and psychological tie. When it comes to biology, stress refers to biochemical imbalances, which happen because of a psychological disturbance. The body has to try and keep everything in equilibrium as much as possible.

cedarwood essential oil uses

Cedarwood oil can help with the pain. The tree itself has properties that are antioxidant. Additionally, cedarwood essential oil has anti-fungal, tonic, antibacterial, insecticidal, fungicidal, and sedative properties, among many other things.

Cedarwood oil has been used to help with digestion, skin ailments, obesity, urinary tract infections, diabetes, and pain. It is also effective when it comes to gout, headaches, arthritis, hiccups, coughs, and the common cold. Massage therapists also utilize cedarwood essential oil, as it has been known to calm both the body and the mind, leading to a very relaxing experience.

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