7 Important Ways To Use Cedarwood Essential Oil

what is cedarwood essential oil used for
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how to use cedarwood essential oil

Remarkable Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

Cedarwood essential oil comes with a wide variety of uses and health benefits. The general wellness benefits - both psychologically and physically - of this essential oil make it a welcome addition to your first aid kit. In fact, cedarwood oil has been around for a very long time.

Cedarwood is considered one of the very first essential oils extracted from nature. It is even mentioned regularly in the Bible. Cedarwood oil was used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming practices. The oil is extracted from the wood or needles of the cedarwood tree by way of steam distillation.

cedarwood essential oil uses

1It Prevents Wound Infections

Cedarwood protects wounds from tetanus germs; hence, it prevents the wound from festering over time. It is used as an antiseptic and applied externally to the injury. In fact, cedarwood oil is one of the main ingredients in most of the herbal antiseptic creams. It defends the body against toxins and relieves the extra stress of the immune system and white blood cells. This allows the immune system to protect your body.

Stress can be both psychological and biological at times. In fact, it can mean different things to different folks. Stress can lead to biochemical imbalances in the body as a result of psychological disturbances experienced by the individual. The prime goal of the body is to maintain a steady state of equilibrium at all times.

cedarwood essential oil for the body

2A Health Tonic

Cedarwood oil stimulates the metabolic system and tones the organs. It can tighten and tone the skin, muscles, stomach, digestive system, brain functions, the nervous system, and a host of other functions. Cedarwood oil boosts the roles of the liver and kidneys to improve the overall health and well-being of the individual.

Metabolism is considered a combination of two crucial processes such as catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism is the breakdown of molecules in the diet to create energy. On the other hand, anabolism is the process of producing the compounds needed by the cells for normal body functions. Both these processes are equally important for an overall healthy metabolism.

benefits of cedarwood essential oil

3Curing Fungal Infections

Cedarwood oil consists of active fungicidal properties. Hence, it is used to heal fungal infections - both internal and external. Inhaling cedarwood oil can help protect your body against food poisoning. It also protects the body from being affected by animal, plant, and human fungal pathogens. When tested against food poisoning and plant, animal, and human pathogens, the essential oil showed potent antifungal activity.

If you have suffered from a yeast infection or athlete's foot, you have been affected by a fungal infection. A fungus is a primitive organism similar to mold, mildew, and mushrooms; they live in the soil, air, water, and plants, and some even live in the human body. Only about half of all types of fungi are harmful. Some fungi reproduce via tiny spores in the air; you can inhale these spores, or they can land on your skin and cause various fungal infection over time. You are more prone to fungal infections if you take antibiotics on a regular basis or have a weak immune system.

what is cedarwood essential oil used for

4Prevents And Cures Acne

Cedarwood oil can protect the skin pores from letting harmful microbes or dust into your body - which could lead to skin infections such as acne. The oil helps tighten the facial skin and give it a youthful appearance. Add a few drops of cedarwood essential oil into your face soap or lotion or massage the essential oil into your skin on a daily basis.

Cedarwood oil should be included in your daily routine to get rid of acne effectively. You can prepare your own face scrub by combining cedarwood oil, coconut oil, and Epsom salt. Mix the ingredients until they become rough and slightly oily. Make sure you use this mixture to exfoliate your facial skin - which will help you get rid of acne over time.

what is cedarwood essential oil used for

5Relieves Muscle Spasms

The medicinal properties of cedarwood oil help relieve muscle spasms. In fact, nearly all types of muscle spasms and related conditions could be alleviated by using this effective oil. It includes spasms that affect the intestines, respiratory system, heart, muscles, and nerves. Additionally, cedarwood oil has helped people having trouble sleeping due to various conditions such as respiratory seizures, restless leg syndrome, asthma, and other spasmodic conditions.

Heart conditions are the most common cause of death on the planet. More than 17 million people die each year due to heart and cardiovascular conditions such as ischaemic heart disease, hypertension, and strokes. That is why it is vital to protect your heart even at a young age. Cedarwood oil plays a big part in protecting your heart.

what is cedarwood essential oil used for

6Stimulating The Menstrual Flow

If you are having an irregular or obstructed menstruation, you can definitely benefit from cedarwood oil. It consists of emmenagogue properties - which means the oil can stimulate and bring about menstruation. It will also regularize the cycle in the process. Regular use of cedarwood oil can relieve the pain and side effects such as nausea, mood swings, and fatigues of menstruation. The oil can help impact the hormonal functions of various glands in the endocrine system.

The endocrine system includes all the glands in the body that produce hormones. These messengers play a crucial role in making your body function as it should. If the endocrine system is unhealthy, an individual may find issues developing during puberty, pregnancy, and managing stress levels. You may get weak bones and gain weight quite quickly and may feel a lack of energy, too. That is because too much sugar will stay in your body instead of moving into the cells where it is required for strength.

how to use cedarwood essential oil

7Promoting Frequent Urination

Cedarwood oil acts as a diuretic which is another significant benefit of the oil. This will help cure many conditions such as hypertension, obesity, rheumatism, high blood pressure, arthritis, urinary tract infections, gout, and accumulation of toxins in the blood. It increases the frequency of urination because the oil acts as a diuretic. This serves as a medium to remove excess fat, water, and toxins like uric acid from the body. The leading cause of most of the above ailments is extra water and toxins accumulated in the body.

Gout is a condition that is characterized by an acute attack of inflammatory arthritis - which can result in swollen, hot, and painful joints over time. The ailment can mostly affect the feet due to the slow blood flow in the extremities, especially the big toe. The condition can appear in other forms as well such as tophi (accumulated crystal formation in the joints or bones), kidney stones, and urate nephropathy.

The Atlas and Himalayan cedarwood species are from the Cedar genus, while the Virginia and Texas species are from the Juniper genus. All the oils contain sesquiterpenes with different vital compounds. In fact, Atlas and Himalayan cedarwood have Alpha-pinene and himachalol as the key ingredients. On the other hand, juniper oils have high levels of cedrol and thujopsene.

The oil made from the needles of the tree is different from linalool, alpha-terpineol, and limonene being the main ingredients. In fact, the needle-based oil is close to bergamot compared to the wood-based oil. It is very rare and not found in the West. In fact, the scent of the oils may be similar in composition, but the health benefits are not.

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